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The role of the UNICO center at NSU for Naryn Community

Currently, the paradigm of “Lifelong Learning» is one of the effective means of additional education in Europe and Asia.

The creation of conditions for Lifelong Learning Education and teaching English in remote areas as Naryn region lead to establish UNICO Center by the support of TEMPUS Project.

In the central parts of the country where the areas are overpopulated and supplied with job one can easily communicate in English and have big opportunities to study too.

The last years due to the relations with English speaking countries there have been opened foreign offices , funds,   foreign brunches connected with  medicine,  transportation, agricultural  and bank business, and tourism in our city. The number of tourists visiting the region are increasing year by year. The requirement of job providers in  above mentioned  spheres are  the knowledge of  Russian and English languages except native one. The only NSU is unable to provide the office workers to improve   English on the required level.

Department of Education of the Naryn region and the  Career  Center   under NSU are interested in  the encouragement of the project.

Both of the  authorities  always meet the needs of education and the employment  of locals in the region because not only  secondary, college students but the  local people of different age and different  professional groups are eager  to learn English and apply these departments  more often to  develop the English Centers.

Work  opportunities with English language skills  are more aviailable for

  • system engineers, building databases
  • workers at a restaurant as a server or bartender
  • local hotels
  • career progression while one works for an organisation or
  • business with an international focus
  • teachers of different specialities
  • the members of the community including NGO organization
  • bankers
  • local public service workers ( café, restaurant, transport, communication)

So the development of English Center in Naryn would help the community in the further development of their career because there are no special  English learning programs for representatives of  above mentioned spheres.   Secondary schools , colleges  and the  university short term programs are based on basic conversational English. Except learning English the Center will serve   as a venue to conduct English language clubs, film presentation, photo exhibits and other events related to the mutual understanding between Kyrgyz and other English language society among the community.